Just Wondering!!!

Byron Parsons bparsons at beothuk.swgc.mun.ca
Sun Mar 24 12:38:48 EST 1996

Dear readers,

   I'm a first year university studunt at Memorial University of 
Newfoundland and i am very interested in pursuing a career in 
Microbiology/Cell biology. As a first year student many interesting 
questions about the nature of virus's cross my mind. The thought crossed 
my mind that the human bodies pH balance is constantly maintained. I am 
wondering if the survival of many bacteria and/or virus's would be able 
to stand any sudden "induced" change ( but at the same time not be 
harmful to the human body ). Does anyone out there know if there are any 
major affects in changing the pH of the human body on the many foreign 
bodies out there?????

any response forward to:  bparsons at beothuk.swgc.mun.ca 

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