metabolic identification

Hobbs Corner webblm00 at hg.uleth.ca
Sun Mar 24 15:37:36 EST 1996

I am a 2nd year university student doing a lab write-up in which the purpose 
is to identify an unknown bacteria. The results I obtained were grm- rods
encapsulated, lactose+, indole+, MR+; VP-; citrate-; but urea+. I'm pretty 
sure I have a strain of Escherichia... I thought perhaps E.coli, but the
urea+ sort of skewed my idea. So i went and looked in Bergey's and some other
sources and found a species of Escherichia  which was adecarboxylata
(I think that's the spelling)...anyway I am wondering if based on my results
the conclusion I have come to is appropriate..or if I am somewhere off in
left field. If I am wrong i was wondering if anyone can point me in the right
direction, any information will be very much appreciated.
		Leana Webber

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