Just Wondering!!!

Lorri Robinson robinson at avana.net
Sun Mar 24 17:02:26 EST 1996

 Does anyone out there know if there are any 
> major affects in changing the pH of the human body on the many foreign 
> bodies out there?????
> any response forward to:  bparsons at beothuk.swgc.mun.ca 
The interesting bit here is not that microorganisms are affected by pH change 
but that the human body is. Microbes can tolerate a rather large range of pH, 
being simple little critters with few wants or needs. Just look at the crap 
that can grow in Coca-Cola if you let it sit out for a few days....

However, multicellular organisms have lost this wide tolerance of pH values, 
and so a relatively minor drop can throw us into acidosis followed by coma, 
and a relatively minor rise can throw us into alkalosis, ditto.

Just goes to show who is really the successful life-form...and VIRUSES! They 
don't even have to carry around cellular machinery! Just pop into a cell, take 
over its machinery, and crank out little replicates! Poetry in motion...


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