New Wastewater Web Site

John Douglass johnd at sti.bendigo.com.au
Mon Mar 25 06:22:52 EST 1996

For those interested in waste water subjects - we would like to 
introduce our new Wastewater Web Site, containing one of the most 
extensive lists of activated sludge resources on the Internet.

Subjects covered include wastewater research, information sources, 
organizations, courses and seminars, publications and process topics 
(microbiology, nitrification, denitrification, phosphorus removal, 
foaming, BNR, aeration, modelling etc.).

Demonstration versions of SASS and SASSPro wastewater simulation 
software are also available for downloading.  These programs are 
designed for wastewater research, plant design evaluations, process 
optimization and operations staff training.

Our wastewater web site is located at:

John Douglass


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