HELP with Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) calculations

Mark Fuller mark_fuller at qmgate.anl.gov
Mon Mar 25 13:43:10 EST 1996

I have just conducted some experiments to determine the minimum 
inhibitory concentration (MIC) of a chemical and a bunch of different 
bacteria.  I have data covering the initial compound concentrations, the 
optical density (OD) over time of the cultures and the final compound 
and metabolite concentrations.

1) What should be graphed versus what?  Initial concentration vs. OD 
gives a good trend, but is there any model/equation I can use to figure 
out the MIC?  I can eyeball it, but I'd much rather do it 

2) What's the general feeling of reporting LC-50, EC-50 along with MIC 

Any input or hints on specific references would be much appreciated.

-Mark Fuller, Ph.D.

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