phenotype of succinate dehydrogenase mutants?

Ron Caspi rcaspi at sdcc3.ucsd.edu
Mon Mar 25 18:17:02 EST 1996

Hello everybody,

I have several transposon mutants of a Pseudomonas sp. that have
transposon hits in different subunits of the succinate dehydrogenase
genes. All these mutants can not grow on succinate, but I find other
properties that I did not anticipate: for example, they are oxidase
negative. If anyone has insight into this, or has some knowledge about
the phenotype of succinate dehydrogenase mutants, I would greatly
appreciate his/her contribution. Please answer to my email if
possible, since our news server is missing articles occasionally.

 thank you,
Ron Caspi
Scripps Institution of Oceanography               Phone   (619) 534-0638
La Jolla  CA  92093-0202                          Fax     (619) 534-7313

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