Would bacteriophages kill resistant bacteria?

Natasa Pasic-Knezevic natasa at yorku.ca
Mon Mar 25 19:14:20 EST 1996

klasteos at student.dtu.dk ("Steen OEstergaard ", c917243) wrote:

>Dear reader,

>Behind the retorical question in my 'Subject' is the idea of using virulent
>bacteriophages for killing antibiotic resistant bacteria. A well chosen virus
>should be able to pass through a mammal digestion system and infect the
>resistant bacterium when it gets in contact with it.

>I would like comments to this idea, if you have any.


>Steen Oestergaard
>The Technical University of Denmark

I have read something about that a couple of years ago. Somebody (some
quite known scientist, I forgot his name) have already tried that but
didn't have any considerable success. Try with any textbook that deals
with molecular genetics of bacteria and you'll find information about
that (and probably some other)  research.


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