Printing papers from JCM

J-F Magnaval magnaval at cict.fr
Tue Mar 26 14:30:18 EST 1996

I would like some information from subscribers to Journal of Clinical 
Microbiology who use the CD ROM (for PC) version. Does someone encounter 
problems when printing papers as images, with Acrobat reader? I found 
this phasis tremendously long, maybe 1 hour for 8 pages. I own a 486DX2/ 
66 with 36MO in RAM, and a HP 850C as printer.
Thank you for your opinions
Jean-François Magnaval, M.D., D.Sc.
Lab. Parasitologie
CHU Purpan
31059 Toulouse France
Phone 33 61 77 20 12
Fax   33 61 77 23 78

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