Incineration of infected cattle?

Phil olican at enterprise.net
Thu Mar 28 02:17:37 EST 1996

Should the British Government decide to slaughter and incinerate  cattle
as a preventative measure against the spread of BSE/CJD ,what if any
incineration methods would be  effective in totally destroying the
infective agent?
Until now , the carcasses of infected cattle have been burned in
comparatively low temp incinerators-- very low tech. Is it possible that
the infective agent is then still potentially viable, would it be
present in the ash or could it have been discharged to atmosphere via
chimney output??

The suggestion is that should mass slaughter take place(which seems to
be a certainty now), the bodies will be burned in open trenches as were
the victims of the foot and mouth epidemics. Would this procedure
introduce new risks??

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