Marilyn Roberts marilynr at u.washington.edu
Thu Mar 28 13:30:13 EST 1996

I have been asked by NIDR to but together a meeting Sept 5-7, 1996 in
Seattle WA on the "Impact of Bacterial Antibiotic Resistance on Oral
Health: What is the Relevance"  .  There will be opportunity for people to
present work in poster sessions

topics to be covered included: antibiotic resitance in bacteria
		Distribution of resistance gens in oral
		Problems in oral health
		New antimicrobial agents
		Alternative delivery systems
		Future of antimcicrobial agents
		Future research and education needs

If anyone is interested in getting more information they can contact.
Marilyn C. Roberts PhD, e-mail marilynr at u.washington.edu, fax 206-543-8001
or by mail; Department of Pathobiology, Box 357238, University of
Washington, Seattle WA 98195-7238

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