Bacteriophage replacement of antibiotics

Richard Van Frank vanfrank at iquest.net
Fri Mar 29 13:42:05 EST 1996

In article <jcherwon.115.000FF59F at dres.dnd.ca>,
   jcherwon at dres.dnd.ca (John Cherwonogrodzky) wrote:
>Dear Colleagues:
>      There is a discussion on the net about the use of bacteriophages to 
>replace antibiotics in the treatment of infectious agents. This worries me 
>because there is enough evidence that bacteriophages play a role in increased 
>virulence (e.g. diphtheria, flesh-eating streptococci). In our own study we 
>tried to use WB1 bacteriophage to clear Brucella abortus out of balb/c mice. 
>The result was a 200-fold increase in spleen counts over controls (see Arch. 
>Med. Vet. 27:23-28). Are you sure you want to be opening Pandora's 
Bacteriophage would be foreign antigen. Injection of amounts sufficient to do 
any good would produce antibodies and who knows what an additional 
injection(s) would result in. They might infect bacteria circulating in the 
blood but I doubt they would do any good in tissues.

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