Alu sequences

Yasser Kabakibi kabakibi at PEGASUS.MONTCLAIR.EDU
Sat Mar 30 15:30:43 EST 1996

   In lab. I isolated & amplified a segment of the TPA gene that was poly-
morphic for an Alu insertion. The two amplified allele were 400 bp (conatining 
an Alu insert), and 100 bp (without an insert).

 1) I want to know the exact sequences of these two amplified alleles ?
 2) How long are these sequences including the extended primers ?
 3) Is there an Alu restriction site in any of these sequences ? & Where?
 4) The map of the 400 and 100 bp alleles (i.e. which common restriction sites 
    are present, how often they cut and where they cut). 
Please, send this info directly to: kabakibi at pegasus.montclair.edu

							Thank you.

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