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In article <4jh7av$10ja at news.ccit.arizona.edu> ruskinr at aruba.ccit.arizona.edu (Robert H Ruskin) writes:
>There are many agents, which might also include Rabies that results in 
>"extensive destruction in the cerebral and cortices, the midbrain, basal 
>ganglia," etc. [Burrows Textbook of Microbiology].  Given that cows show 
>dumb Rabies, has anyone even considered this as a possibility and checked 
>for its presence???

In the UK???? One of the few countries where rabies does not occur and yet the 
UK is the country with >>99% of BSE-infected cattle!!!!!! This has to be the 
best explanation yet!

As you aren't from the UK so perhaps you wouldn't know that our quarantine 
restrictions (together with the advantage of being an island) has kept rabies 

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