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Fri Nov 1 09:38:48 EST 1996

The proceeding of the Fourth ASEPT International ConfHrence is now 
available.(Price : 5OO French Francs, sending included)
This Conference has been hold in Laval (France) 4, 5 and 6 June 1996 
with the auspicies of SociItI FranAaise de Microbiologie, the 
contribution of the European Community and the support of European
Hygienic Equipment Design Group and IAMFES (Int. Ass.Milk Food and
Environmnetal Sanitarians Inc.).

For more information, please contact 
Albert AMGAR
Tel. (33) 2 43 49 22 22 Fax (33) 2 43 53 36 53 
E-mail : asept at smartonline.fr


The Fourth ASEPT International Conference
- The Use of HACCP in Food Industry
- Application of HACCP to Poultry Slaugtherhouse: What Strategy for
Tomorrow ?
- Implementation of HACCP in the Canadian Food Industry
- Decontamination of Fresh Meats: Pitfalls and Opportunities
- An International Perspective on Food Inspection Systems: The Case of
- Development and Application of Models in Predictive Microbiology
- A Decision Support System for Prediction of Quality and Safety of
- Quantitative Analysis of the Effect of Temperature on the Conservation
of Refrierated Foods
- Microbial Food Safety Risk Assessment: Principle and Practice
- The Use of  Elements of Quantitative RiskAssessment in HACCP
- Use of Molecular Subtyping Methods for the Localization and
Characterization of Food and Environmental Contaminants
- Setting of Criteria for Listeria monocytogenes Based on Risk
- Costs of Foodbome Disease and their Potential Use in Risk Assessment
- Factors for the Emergence of Foodborne Disease
- Crisis Analysis in the Food Industry
- The Role of ASEPT in the Hygiene of Equipment in France
- The Role and Aims of EHEDG
- International or National Standards? That is the Question. 
- The Cleaning Process - Mechanisms and Kinetics. A Review
- Hygienic Testing in the Next Century
- Hygienic Cleaning of Microbial Biofilms. 
- Microorganisms and their Movement in Food Factory Air 
- Hygienic design of freezing equipment
- Test Methods for the Practical Assessment of Food Processing Equipment
- Methods to Determine the Efficiency of Filters for the Sterilization
of Air
- Aseptic Packing of Food - Non-Destructive Sterility Testing
- Training in the Design of Hygienic Equipment
- Protection of Microorganisms in Soil against Thermal and Chemical
- Hygienic Building Design.      
- Abstracts of Posters

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