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Gary Lum glum at ozemail.com.au
Sun Nov 3 07:20:05 EST 1996


I'm being asked to consider establishing a food microbiology laboratory
for the Northern Territory.  The NT is about 1 346 000 square kilometres
and has only about 170 000.  If anyone has any useful advice on how a
clinical microbiologist with no formal training in food microbiology
should start please contact me.

It's not something I'm entirely happy about because biological
accreditation is so much more difficult than clinical accreditation.  In
addition it would mean directing a laboratory that will possibly be
off-site to my clinical laboratory.

Scientifically it would be an exciting challenge, and in many ways
knowing what is growing in food and seeing the relationship to what is
growing in stools will help me in my role as director of the public
health laboratory.  It is probably not a bad thing to have a finger in
each pie (although I'd never lick my fingers!!!).

I'd be happy to receive any useful hints.


Dr Gary Lum
Director of Microbiology
Royal Darwin Hospital

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