marine microbiology?-help needed

harry savage hvsavage at shore.intercom.net
Sun Nov 3 15:39:22 EST 1996

I am trying to get some help with a medical problem possibly involving 
marine microbiology.  I am a crabpotter and clammer on the Chesapeake 
Bay and have been experiencing a problem with my hand for about 2 
months.  The symptoms are similar to reumatoid arthritis or CTS and 
have made the use of my right hand and wrist almost impossible and 
extremely painful.  X-rays and blood work are all normal and my 
doctor, and excellent G.P. practicing in Chincoteague Va. thinks that 
it may be caused by the entry of a rare marine micro-organism into the 
second joint of my middle finger.  I often get stuck by the fin of a 
fish while crab potting so this may be possible.  He has  found a hand 
specialist across the Bay who has dealt with one case of this and is 
sending me to him tomorrow.  Since I am self employed with no 
insurance and 2 small children it is important that I get this resolved 
and get back on the water since I haven't been able to work in 2 
	My doctor feels this is a very rare situation and any 
information or experiences  having to do with this sort of thing would 
be greatly appreciated.  
			Thank you for your consideration.

					Harry Savage
					hvsavage at shore.intercom.net

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