New Nutritient Media for Clinical Microbiology

nov at lmbpi.spb.su nov at lmbpi.spb.su
Tue Nov 5 13:39:15 EST 1996

We developed some new medias:

Nutritient media for reliable identification and differentiation of 
Pseudomonas from the other bacterial genera.

Nutritient medium for one-step isolation and identification of 
Klebsiella spp. (oxytoca, pneumonia, rhinoscleromatis, ozaenae,
mobilis) based on unique color reaction.

Highly specific and sensitive nutritient media for one-step isolation
of Stenotrophomonas maltophila

Nutritient media for one-step isolation and identification of 
Pseudomonas spp. (aeruginosa and putida) More sensitive and specific
hten commercially available media

Nutritient medium for fast 1- hour determination of glucose
fermentftion and oxydation (o/f test) by Gram negative bacteria.

If you have any questions feel free to ask Nick Michailov 
nov at lmbpi.spb.su 

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