on-line microscopy ?

Kjell Magne Fagerbakke kjell.fagerbakke at hials.no
Tue Nov 5 00:16:28 EST 1996

In article <558k8v$6qo at bee.uspnet.usp.br>, ctc_ctin at carpa.ciagri.usp.br (Copersucar) wrote:
>Dear colleagues:
>One of the our clients ask us about a system ( commercial, ready to use)
>for on-line automated microscopy for examination of yeasts in industrial 
>alcoholic fermentation process.
>Ideally such system might do the sampling, dilution, mixing with corants, 
>preparing the slide adjusting the focus, all with no operator !
>Do you such a wonderful equipment ?
>Do know how to develop it ?
>I thank you in anticipation for your kind attention.

Don't know much about light microscopy, however, the newest electron 
microscops are delivered with on-line equipment thats allow you to run the 
microscope from your computer. It is perfect if you want to save 
digetized picturs and so. There will of cource be needed a operator that 
change your sample.

Kjell Magne Fagerbakke

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