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Wed Nov 6 09:44:48 EST 1996


>On Tue, 5 Nov 1996, Jane Allen wrote:
>> I would like some suggestions on what bacteria I can use to do an
>> experiment on the lysosomal property of tears.  Any other suggestions on
>> this experiment would be welcome. 
>> Thank you in advance
>> Jane
The organism most sensitive to lysozyme, ( I think that is what you meant,
not- lysosomal) and used as an assay for it is Micrococcus lysodeikticus.

Since I don't know where you are doing this work I can't guess how
readily available this might be to you.  If you are working in a college
setting where micro is taught this bug should be in the school culture
collection as it is useful for a nice introductory lab. experiment
on lysing bacteria with lysozyme.

This is an important demo as so much of molecular bio nowadays involves
lysing bacteria in situ in an agar gel... typically with a combination
of edta, and lysozyme.

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