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>        Hello,
>I am trying to get some help with a medical problem possibly involving 
>marine microbiology.  I am a crabpotter and clammer on the Chesapeake 
>Bay and have been experiencing a problem with my hand for about 2 
>months.  The symptoms are similar to reumatoid arthritis or CTS and 
>have made the use of my right hand and wrist almost impossible and 
>extremely painful.  X-rays and blood work are all normal and my 
>doctor, and excellent G.P. practicing in Chincoteague Va. thinks that 
>it may be caused by the entry of a rare marine micro-organism into the 
>second joint of my middle finger.  I often get stuck by the fin of a 
>fish while crab potting so this may be possible. 

Your physician might look at

Clark, RB (1990)
"Osteomyelitis and synovitis produced by Mycobacterium marinum in a fisherman"
J. Clin. Microbiol. 28(11):2570-2
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