Toxicity of Bacillus cereus?

tom c. cigolott at nbnet.nb.ca
Thu Nov 7 16:18:31 EST 1996

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()1 Nov 1996 07:24:49 GMT writes:
]Many strains of Bacillus cereus are harmful to human beings.
]But I do not think that all strains are toxic.
]Are there any kits to distinguish toxic and non-toxic ones?
]Thank you in advance!

Can't help with the strain issue, but you do know that there is
the protienaceous(protien) and farinatious(carbohydrates)
pathogenicity. From what I can gather (so far) a bacteria grown
on two different mediae (protien or carbohydrate) will yield
different mode pathogenicity.

If I can remember corectly, the protien growth will give an
infection where as the carbohydrate mode will give one toxin

hope this helps some

tom c.

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