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Thu Nov 7 10:08:14 EST 1996

In article <Pine.D-G.3.93.961106153410.4171A-100000 at necc.mass.edu>, mkolotila at necc.mass.edu (Michael Kolotila x3887) says:
>Dear Jane;
>  I assume that you mean lysozme and lysosomal.  Micrococcus luteus is the
>organism used with lysozme.  Dried Micrococcus luteus can be bought from
>Sigma Chemical Co.  Good luck.
>  Michael
I don't have ready access to the latest Bergey's and perhaps 
M. luteus is nowadays the assay organism for lysozyme.  In my day,
ancient history circa 1967, M. lysodeikticus was the assay organism
for lysozyme.  Has this been sorted out in a systematic way or is
luteus being used because it is more readily available and more familiar?

In any case the cell wall stucture of micrococci make them suitable for
lysozyme assays.  If I remember correctly, and perhaps I don't, the
cell wall is pure peptidoglycan free of cross linking gunk like teichoic
acids.  Am I correct? 

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