M.tuberculosis: passage from Bactec to AccuProbe ?

Dennis Gaunt dgaunt at uhl.uiowa.edu
Wed Nov 6 15:18:08 EST 1996

Susana Frazão Pinheiro (susanafrazao at mail.telepac.pt) wrote:
: 	Im trying to develop a protocol to make a passage from Bactec 
: 12B to AccuProbe, but I dont know from which GI value read on the Bactec 
:  begins the positivity on the AccuProbe.
: 	Does anyone have an idea or has already developed a protocol?

There is an article in the Journ. of Clin. Micro. Dec. 1994 by Reisner,
et. al. on this topic.  They used a GI of 100.  I personally prefer a
GI of higher value such as 400-500 to help insure enough cells are
pelleted for the probe.  The JCM issue is vol.32, no. 12., pages

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