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Umnarj Paeratakul umnarj at mozart.inet.co.th
Fri Nov 8 11:15:37 EST 1996

bti at ix.netcom.com(Juan Calderon) wrote:

>What is the best way to kill E-Coli without killing beneficial bacteria
>in organic waste slurries? (I like to keep actinomicetes, pseudomonas
>and fungi)

Dear Juan, 

I am just wondering what is the purpose of your 

I think that if you give it enough time, E coli will die 
in the organic waste slurries.  The natural place of E coli 
is in the large intestine.  I don't think that it will compete 
very well against Pseudomonas, actinomycetes in the natural 

Also remember that E coli belongs to the group called COLIFORMS.
We routinely use coliforms as an indicator of fecal contamination.
One of the requirement of the indicator of fecal contamination is
the microorganism should not grow and multiply in the environment
nor survive for a long time in the environment.

Just my two cents, I could be wrong.

Umnarj Paeratakul

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