UV inactivation

nnaderdj at acsu.buffalo.edu nnaderdj at acsu.buffalo.edu
Fri Nov 8 13:32:10 EST 1996

Hello everyone:
My lab is presently engaged in assessing uv inactivation of wild type
vaccinia virus as well as its constructs with(Hanta) virus We have
employed various UV light sources such as the GE480T, the UV strata
linker 2400 at incident energy levels of 2400 joules . The time
constants used in our experiments range from 2 secs to 14 mins, however
I am unable to inactivate the virus as evidenced by 100% plaque
formation within 24 hrs the virus dilutions used run in the
10xe06-10xe04 range.  I would appreciate input from you in this regard.

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