M.tuberculosis: passage from Bactec to AccuProbe ?

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Sun Nov 10 00:10:29 EST 1996

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(Susana Frazão Pinheiro) writes:

>	Im trying to develop a protocol to make a passage from Bactec 
>12B to AccuProbe, but I dont know from which GI value read on the Bactec 
> begins the positivity on the AccuProbe.
>	Does anyone have an idea or has already developed a protocol?

   We read our 12B's until the GI reads 200.  Then we take out 3cc of the
specimen and spin that.  We use that pellet to do the probe.  If it's a
white pellet, then we probe for Mtb and MAIC.  If the pellet's yellow,
then we probe for Mgor and Mkans.  Hope that helps!!   We are Loyola
University Medical Center in Maywood, Illinois (I almost forgot to mention
that!!). :-)

Bill Keil M.T. (ASCP)
e-mail: Bill Keil at aol.com

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