Prerequisites for Allied Health Microbiology

Jeffrey Lee lee at SOL.ESSEX.EDU
Mon Nov 11 12:33:03 EST 1996

     At our college, the Micro. course is open to majors and non-majors, 
though the class is almost always 2/3 pre-nursing/nursing/dental 
technology majors
and 1/3 Biology majors. We only have the one Microbiology course; I run 
it and teach all of the daytime classes. We require one semester of 
chemistry and one year (a.k.a. two semesters) of either General Biology 
(majors only) or Anatomy & Physiology. These requirements were set up 
before I arrived 4 years ago, but I think they are alright. Before each 
class, I go over the class list, pull transcripts and find those who 
don't have the prerequisites. I also emphesize the danger of working with 
microbes in the lab; even though we don't use highly virulent pathogens, 
we do use some mildly virulent pathogens. 
     Hope this helps.

Jeff Lee
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On Thu, 7 Nov 1996, Marlene DeMers wrote:

> Hi,
> I recently sent a question concerning suggestions for teaching 
> non-majors Microbiology to these newgroups.  But, I really 
> would appreciate information from any of you on the following 
> question.
> What prerequisites should be required or are being required 
> for  Microbiology courses that are for pre nursing, food and 
> nutrition, pre physcian assistants, physical therapist,and 
> community health majors?  
> Should they be required to take general and organic chemistry 
> with labs as well as an introductory Biology class?  
> In other words should we allow Freshmen into this course that 
> includes a laboratory, expecting them to handle possible 
> disease causing organisms, and work with chemicals, fluids, 
> pipettes etc. without some previous exposure and background?
> Could some one tell me what prerequisites you require, if any, 
> in a similar course (for non-majors) that you might teach or 
> be familiar with?
> Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.
> Sincerely,
> Marlene

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