beta 2 receptors and adenylate cyclase

ecramer at gate.net ecramer at gate.net
Mon Nov 11 00:06:37 EST 1996

I am taking an allied health pharmacology course, and we were discussing the 
effects of beta 2 receptor stimulation and the reaction cascade that follows. 
Being the type of person I am, I asked the question; How is adenylate cyclase 
released as a result of beta 2 stimulation??? My instructor said he didn't 
know :(. 

I have done some searching and would like to verify (or get straightend out 
about) my interpretation of what I have found. Also, I have some other 
(basic?) questions. 

As near as I can tell stimulation to the beta 2 receptor acts as a "1st 
messenger" that causes a "conformational" change on the inside of the 
phospholipid bilayer of the cell that in turn releases adenylate cyclase(?), 
which then after release to the inside of the cell acts as a "second 
messenger" to carry out the function of the original stimulus.??

Also, are beta 2 receptors integral protiens or peripheral??? What role does 
Mg+ play in this senario and where does Mg+ come into play???

Thanx in advance,


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