Acetic acid vs. citric acid

ray at sirius.com ray at sirius.com
Thu Nov 14 01:43:58 EST 1996

Hi, all--

We have a light protein solution that is normally made with a base of .01 M acetic 
acid. The acetic acid supposedly sterilizes the solution, killing all the germs. We want to 
make it with citric acid, at a dilution of 1 gm per 100 gm water. It's just the protein 
and the acid in the solution. 

Here's the question: Will the citric acid kill germs as well as the acetic acid? (Sorry 
about the highly technical language... I hope you know what I mean.)

We need the answer soon, so if you wouldn't mind answering at your earliest 
convenience, we would appreciate it. Please email as well as post your reply. Thanks 
very much.


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