ClustalV tree drawing programs

Dr. Kai-Uwe Froehlich kaifr at uni-tuebingen.de
Thu Nov 14 03:18:22 EST 1996

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> Could anyone tell me where I might lay my hands on a copy for Macintosh of
> any of the programs which are able to convert a ClustalV output file into
> a graphical representation?  I think there are at least three programs
> which do this. One is called Tree Draw Deck, but whenever I try to search
> for it, I find lots of Star Trek related websites *shrug*.  I already have
> the intermediate conversion program ClustToTree, by the way.
> Many thanks for any pointers,
> Peter.
> pjc at waikato.ac.nz

Tree Draw Deck is available from 
(there is also a treedraw.readme and a file treedraw-old.hqx in the same
I merged ClustToTree with a bare-bones version of Tree Draw Deck (less
options, but/therefore easier to use):
with documentation in the same directory:

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