Source of bad smells: rotten eggs,skunk cabbage, etc.

Hugh Vartanian hvartan at greenneedles.ultranet.com
Thu Nov 14 19:25:31 EST 1996

I'm writing a children's book on gross smells.  One of the premises of the 
book is to provide a scientific explanation of the sources of such everyday 
unpleasant odors such as rotten eggs (I kind of doubt it is hydrogen sulfide 
or that the yellow of egg yolks is from sulfur), skunk cabbage (perhaps I 
should check the botanical sources?), sour milk, etc.  I have a handle on the 
basic function of the olfactory system, but am at a loss to find 
information on this stuff.  Is it bacterial fecal matter that causes the odors 
or what? 
Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

luann1212 at aol.com

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