transformation/conjugation in Xanthomonas oryzae

Francisco Goes da Silva ez057616 at peseta.ucdavis.edu
Sat Nov 16 19:54:13 EST 1996

Hello everybody,

I have been trying (without success) to do transformation/conjugation in a
strain of the bacteria Xanthomonas oryzae with a genomic library
(cosmid+insert size varying from 20-40 kb). So far, I'm only able to do
tranformation/conjugation when I use the vector without no insert(cosmid
size of 13.2 kb). The only time I thought I had got a sucessful
transformation with a cosmid+insert, after doing the prep and running the
gel, guess what? It had lost the insert!!

If anyone out there has any experience with Xanthomonas(or related
bacteria)  I would very much appreciate any suggestions or helpfull

Thank you in advance.

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