DNA of protists

Erik van Hannen vanhannen at cl.nioo.knaw.nl
Mon Nov 18 09:03:44 EST 1996


I'm a PhD student working at the Centre for Limnology (the Netherlands). 
I'm working on the molecular identification of aquatic protozoa. Using 
several sequence databanks I constructed a universal eukaryotic 18S rDNA 
PCR primer set. The PCR product is small enough to separate on a DGGE 
gel. The method seems to be very promising in screening large numbers of 
samples on eukaryotic biodiversity. Some groups of Protist have up to 4 
mismatches in the forward primer and I need to test the PCR on these 
sequences. There is only one problem. I don't have these species in 
culture so that's why i'm writing this letter. I would like to have DNA 
of the next species or groups:

-Bodo caudatus (or any other Kinetoplastida).
-Hexamita sp. (or any other Diplomonadida).
-Tetrahymena sp. (or any other Oligohymenophorea)
-Plasmodium sp. (or any other Haemosporina)
-Euglena gracilis.

If somebody out there has cultures or DNA isolations of one of these 
species I would really like some of it....if they wish to share it.
PLease contact me!

Erik van Hannen
Centre for Limnolgy           voice: +31 294 239315
Rijksstraatweg 6	            fax     : +31 294 232224
3631 AC Nieuwersluis       email: vanhannen at cl.nioo.knaw.nl
The Neterlands

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