Sources of Images Needed

Chuck cr_batishko at pnl.gov
Tue Nov 19 12:54:02 EST 1996

I have a need for high quality images/pictures of a variety of pathogenic 
micro-organisms, with partucular emphasis on those potentially used in 
biological weapons of mass destruction.  Images of single microorganisms 
or aggregates are both of interest.  Images representing a range of 
magnifications are of interest.  Optical microscope, SEM, others are of 
interest.  Preference is for electronic files available from ftp sites or web 
pages.  File format is flexible, but non-lossy compression formats are greatly 
preferred since images will be digitally and/or optically processed (JPEG 
files, for example produce unacceptable artifacts under some kinds of 
digital processing).  Please reply to this newsgroup, or by e-mail to the 
address below.

Thanks in advance.
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