Source of bad smells: rotten eggs,skunk cabbage, etc.

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> Hi
> I'm writing a children's book on gross smells.  

What a great idea!

> One of the premises of the 
> book is to provide a scientific explanation of the sources of such everyday 
> unpleasant odors such as rotten eggs (I kind of doubt it is hydrogen 
> sulfide 
> or that the yellow of egg yolks is from sulfur), skunk cabbage (perhaps I 
> should check the botanical sources?), sour milk, etc.  

Some byproducts of anaerobic metabolism (rotting) are vile-smelling
small organic molecules with colorful, descriptive names.  My personal
favorites are cadaverine (1,5-diaminopentane) and putrescine
(1,4-diaminobutane).  Perhaps you could include a little
scratch-n-sniff patch in the book....

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