Errata: B. cereus

Yersinia yersinia at GATE.CYBERNEX.NET
Wed Nov 20 17:19:37 EST 1996


Recently there was a discussion here concerning the existence of 
pathogenic strains of B. cereus. Since we have this "little fella" in our 
antibiotics lab, I was curious as to if our strain was one of the toxic 
ones. Alas, I gave its ATCC number as #6633, which someone here mentioned 
was B. subtilis.  <---slaps herself upside head... Yup, we use that 
strain of B. subtilis (and I use it lots more than I use the B. cereus!) 
so I did get mixed up. Well....the B. cereus strain is ATCC #19167.  I 
went in there and wrote it down so I wouldn't get confused again. Now, is 
it a pathogen?  ;-)


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