Strange Combination of Questions

Yersinia yersinia at GATE.CYBERNEX.NET
Wed Nov 20 17:19:29 EST 1996

Hello good people,

I'm back once again to plague you with questions....

1. Why are penicillins G, N, S, O and V given those letters to 
distinguish them? I looked in the Merck Index and this does describe 
differences in chemical structures, but it (nor a bunch of web sites that 
mention penicillin) state why those letters and (if applicable) what they 

2. This one is about D-values and spore strips. If you have, a spore 
strip with, as an example, a D-value of one minute and 10^4 (100,000) 
bugs, therefore killing 90,000 bugs in that one minute, the next minute 
will only kill 90% of the remaining 90,000 - since 90% of 90,000 is less 
than 90,000, why don't *all* the bugs die in the next minute, while one 
minute was sufficient to kill the first 90,000?

3. I hope I'm making an ass of myself  with this one and someone can tell 
me where in Bergey's it is... the genus Leclercia (particularly with 
regard to L. adecarboxylata, which turned up in a sample at work). I did 
see it briefly mentioned with Escherichia, but what is(are) the 
difference(s) between Leclercia and Escherichia? I know Leclercia is a 
coliform because of its reactions on EMB and MacConkey, but that's all I 
know about it.

 Thank you in advance for your help.  :-D


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