Vitek System

Yersinia yersinia at GATE.CYBERNEX.NET
Wed Nov 20 17:38:06 EST 1996

Daniel Larrimore writes,

<I am employed by a pharmaceutical company that does mainly contract 
work.  We recently purchased a Vitek system for microbial identification. 
 I was wondering if anyone else in the industry had any suggestions or 
what has been previously done as far as validation protocols for the 
system.  Any help/suggestions would be greatly

We use a Vitek too. When you say validation, do you mean the computer 
part or the cards? I can tell you about the cards (I'll ask about the 
computer if you want, though). When we get a new batch of cards in, I QC 
one of each batch by running a  known organism from stock culture which 
the particular card would be used to ID. For the GNI card, we use E. 
coli. For the GPI card,  it's S. aureus. For NFC it's P. aeruginosa, and 
for the Bacillus card, B. subtilis. The machine readily identifies these 
organisms, so on that basis we "trust" it. Why we don't do negative 
controls for GPI, NFC and Bacillus, I don't know, but I'll find out. 


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