Stanley Nicholson stan96 at JAX-INTER.NET
Wed Nov 20 19:55:29 EST 1996


I'm in need of info on bacteria sensitivity to solutions and antibiotics. 
I did some lab work in my microbiology class and I need to know why I got
the results that I did.

We did test with e. coli, s. aureus, and proteus.  We tested each with
different solutions:  clorox, lemon juice, white vinegar, apple vinegar,
lanacane, amphyl, control, soft soap, and palmolive.    We then measured
the zone of inhibition.

On the other test, we use s. aureus and e. coli.  We tested them with
control, chloramphenicol, ampillicin, and nystatin (antibiotics).  

I have a problem because I don't know why I got the results that i did.  If
there is any info or references that you can give me I would appreciate it.



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