Fungi in humidifier

Norman R Lorrain Norman_R_Lorrain at engr.usask.ca
Thu Nov 21 08:51:37 EST 1996

I just checked my humidifier, which I installed last winter.
I know you're supposed to turn it off over the summer and clean
it, but somehow it got left on and I never got to cleaning it.

I opened it up, turned off the water, and took out the pan.
YUCK!  Something was growing in there.  Two spongy-looking
things, one was the size of a ping-pong ball, the other a

I emptied it and cleaned it out the best I could.  I think I'll get
a new foam pad for it; it's not worth cleaning.

My question is:  do these fungi or whatever spread spores in the air?
They were submerged, but I'm wondering if we're breathing the stuff.
Should I scrub the house down from top to bottom?  What about the

I know that we're advised to keep the thing clean, but I've never
heard of any serious health warnings.  How serious is this?


-Norman Lorrain.           

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