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>My question is:  do these fungi or whatever spread spores in the air?
>They were submerged, but I'm wondering if we're breathing the stuff.
>Should I scrub the house down from top to bottom?  What about the
>I know that we're advised to keep the thing clean, but I've never
>heard of any serious health warnings.  How serious is this?

Be sure to sanitize with breach after cleaning too.  

You _do_ have a potential hazard.  The hazard is mostly allergic reaction
similar to pollen types of allergies.  The disease of aspergillosis of the
lung is possible but not probable.  

Sick building syndrome has been linked to mold spores from humidifiers in
some cases.  Some building have had to be torn down because the problem
could not be solved.  Severity is in the eye of the beholder. 

Unless your duct work is wet or humility is high (there are state
regulations for maximum relative humidity in commercial buildings for this
reason),  I would recommend flushing with dry air from a relatively clean
and sanitized source and changing to an 80% minimum efficiency (3M makes
one, 90%?) air filter.  


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November 22, 1996
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