Vitek System

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Fri Nov 22 13:11:46 EST 1996

Daniel Larrimore wrote:
> I am employed by a pharmaceutical company that does mainly contract
> work.  We recently purchased a Vitek system for microbial
> identification.  I was wondering if anyone else in the industry had any
> suggestions or what has been previously done as far as validation
> protocols for the system.  Any help/suggestions would be greatly
> appreciated.
>                                                 Dan Larrimore

Vitek should have informed you of their recommendation on quality control 
organisms. These ATCC typed microbes are supplied by various suppliers. 
Each new lot of cards is tested for quality using the recommended 
organisms for that particular card type (eg. GNI,  GPI, etc...).We use 
several different organisms per card type. I would consider valid results 
from these QC runs as validation.

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