Streptococcus faecalis question for student

Ian Fleming fleming at norden1.com
Sat Nov 23 14:43:27 EST 1996

Gary Lum <glum at ozemail.com.au> wrote:

>hsb30 at aol.com wrote:
>> Hello, I am trying to find out which lab test will identify an organism
>> "very specifically" as being   Strep f.    Anybody,  please help. I need
>> to know ASAP.....
>> Please Email me at                  HSB30 at aol.com
>> Thank you...
>From memory you need PYR (pyrollidonyl arylamidase) to ensure it's an
>_Enterococcus_ (note change in genus name).
>Make sure it's non-motile (use a Craigie's tube in semisolid BHI) and
>non-pigment producing (grow on clear media and use a swab to pick up
>colonies-pigment will show on the swab).
>A positive sodium pyruvate test will make it 'faecalis' rather than
>'faecium'.  Note that automated systems are not very good at identifying
>enterococci to a species level.
>This is a rough scheme.  I advise to visit your local clinical
>microbiology laboratory (local hospital) and ask to read the ASM's
>Manual of Clinical Microbiology.
>Hope this helps.
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I just had an unknown contaminent Identified as Enterococcus faecalis
using an MIDI system.  The result was a .783 for faecalis.  This is a
very good to high match.  It may be the new software we have installed
but I can say that this is a significant improvement over the last
year in identifying Enterococcus at the species level.



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