Growth of Thiobacilli

Dr. Debbie Roberts roberts at jetson.uh.edu
Mon Nov 25 14:04:32 EST 1996

We are conducting research concerning the microbial corrosion of concrete and 
have recently had some problems while growing the Thiobacilli strains (T. 
thiooxidanx, T. thioparus, T. novellus, T. neapolitanus, T. intermedius).  The 
organisms seem to grow fine in liquid culture, but when we streak plates to 
check on culture purity they do not always grow as colonies, but in some cases 
as what appear to be crystals.  The crystals appear as discreet units, which 
can be confused for colonies, and only appear along the streak lines.  The 
original colonies streaked from the ATTC stocks did not do this.  We have 
lowered the amount of phosphate used in the media in case the phosphate was 
causing the crystals, this did not help.  If anyone has any experiences with 
Thiobacilli and crystal fromation please let me know.  Or if anyone has a 
successful media, that works as an agar.  Our media are slightly modified 
ATTC media (which were designed for liquid culture) with agar added.  We have 
one for the acidophile and one for the neutrophiles.  Please e-mail me at 
djroberts at uh.edu as I don't always have time to peruse my news reader.

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