***ZEISS microscope OBJECTIVES W>T>B.***

Gilbert T. Groehn bk097 at FreeNet.Carleton.CA
Tue Nov 26 08:50:42 EST 1996

I am interested in purchasing a variety of
objecvtives for my ZEISS PHOTOSCOPE I and II
microscopes.  These are older units, circa 1970/1980.

I can use all types of objectives including Phase.
Objectives must be 16mm (or 17mm above 20X) and should
be in excellent optical condition.  Cosmetic wear is

TIA for any leads.

Gil Groehn
PLEASE REPLY TO:  ad408 at detroit.freenet.org 
             OR:  ultramed at ix.netcom.com
        OR CALL:  ac 313 884-1139

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