Mold problem

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Mon Nov 25 21:02:24 EST 1996

To whom it may concern,

I am looking for information concerning prevention and removal of mold.
At the Metropolitan Opera we store scenery in 40 foot containers,
sometimes for several years before needing them again.  The scenery is
made up mainly of wood, plywood, and canvas.  At certain times when the
container is opened we find that the pieces of the show are covered or
deteriorated by mold. A lab has studied these molds and found,
Aspergillus versicolor, penicillium, and Sporothrix, with a count of 15
- 19,000,000 cfu/g.

My question is two-fold. Is there a paint additive or other source to
prevent this from happening in the first place, and is there a substance
that will remove the mold from the existing scenery wich has been
infected, which is not harmful to the employees doing the work?

If you cannot help me in this, would you know someone who may know the

       Thank-you for your time,
        Nicholas Doumanoff

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