Acid-fast cocci???

faon rodriguez vulnificus at msn.com
Tue Nov 26 19:51:01 EST 1996

If you have done positive and negative quality control slides along 
with your clinical specimens and your QC results are satisfactory, 
then your results seem to be valid. Another side to consider is the 
possiblity of dealing with Cryptosporidium species (but I do not know 
if Cryptosporidium has been isolated from respiratory specimens). I 
suggest you try the new fluorescent acridine orange stain now being 
sold by REMEL. I prepare my own in the lab. If you are interested, I 
can send you some with a copy of a CDC article on how to use this new 
fluorescent stain for AFB. E mail to Faon at msn.com

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