Something to dissolve Melatonin

Mutant Mutant at sciboard.spd.louisville.edu
Tue Nov 26 16:58:14 EST 1996

I need a solvent that will dissolve powdered Melatonin.  This is for my
science experiment this year.  I already tried 1 ml of DMSO to 99 ml of
water to dissolve the melatonin.  I also tried .1 ml of acetic acid to
99.9 ml of water.  I used 3 mg of melatonin and I am not sure if just
some of the melatonin dissolved or none of it dissolved.

The reason why I am using so watered down solvents is because my
experiment is the effect of Melatonin on potato tumors (The tumors are
made from Agrobacterium Tumifaciens bacteria)  The problem is pure DMSO
kills the tumors.  I need to find a solvent for Melatonin that will
dissolve the melatonin and not kill the tumors.  I plan to administer
the melatonin through a bath when the tumors are growing.
Is there anyway to buy Melatonin in liquid form?  If anyone can help me
please respond.


mutant at sciboard.spdlan.louisville.edu

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