***ZEISS microscope OBJECTIVES W>T>B.***

Robert Randolph rand777 at ids.net
Wed Nov 27 07:11:41 EST 1996

On 26 Nov 1996 13:50:42 GMT, bk097 at FreeNet.Carleton.CA (Gilbert T.
Groehn) wrote:

>I am interested in purchasing a variety of
>objecvtives for my ZEISS PHOTOSCOPE I and II
>microscopes.  These are older units, circa 1970/1980.
>I can use all types of objectives including Phase.
>Objectives must be 16mm (or 17mm above 20X) and should
>be in excellent optical condition.  Cosmetic wear is
>Gil Groehn
I have 4 NEW Microscope objectives for $50 each

              Swift - 40X/0.65 L.W.D. spring load

rand777 at ids.net

Robert Randolph
Newport, RI
rand777 at ids.net

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