Strep mutans secondary research

Jeremy Burden burdens at QTM.NET
Wed Nov 27 00:14:08 EST 1996

I'm doing a secondary research synthesis as part of the requiement for a
Biology degree.  I'm planning to go to Dental school next year.  My project
will be focused on bacteria in the mouth; namely Strep mutans.  I have read
some of the research that has been done concerning the genetic engineering
of this bacteria in order to combat dental caries.  *ANY* information that
you could provided me in order to make this synthesis more complete would
be most helpful.  Here's what I'm looking for:

1)  Key Journal articles.
2)  Authors and researchers currently active in this research.
3)  Opinions on the validity and possibilities of the research.
4)  Any and all information you have "dug up" on this subject :)

Please reply via email (the address is below).  Thankyou for your time.

Jeremy Burden
(burdens at qtm.net)

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